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How Vinceanne Gained Relief from Scoliosis with Radio Frequency Ablation

Not much slows Vinceanne Casale down. Not even severe scoliosis.

“I’m a real doer, shaker, go-er,” Vinceanne says. “I just had to do it in pain.”

Until recently, she adds, when Dr. Michael Wolff and the staff at Southwest Spine & Sports treated the 73-year-old Scottsdale resident with Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA).

“It’s been wonderful since he did this procedure,” Vinceanne says. “I can do everything and without the walker or cane.” Her balance has improved, she explains, and she walks more upright after walking bent over and not being able to stand up straight for the better part of five years.

Having lived with scoliosis and ongoing discomfort all her life, the retired teacher has put up with doctor visits along with the pain. In 2007, Vinceanne had rods put in her back another medical practice, “from top to bottom,” she says. That was necessary, but still not pain-free.

“I’ve had injections at the base of my spine before,” Vinceanne says. “They helped for a limited time, but this ablation has given me relief.” She estimates her relief from pain to be around 80 percent better. “This has given me real freedom.”

Before the procedure, Vinceanne learned to accommodate the pain. She also has known Dr. Wolff and the staff at SWSS since she moved to Arizona from her native Pennsylvania 20 years ago.

“Dr. Wolff has been wonderful,” Vinceanne says. “He knows all kinds of things because I have all this hardware in my back. He’s the only doctor who’s able to navigate the needles and things and give me the epidurals.” In fact, a doctor at another practice even broke a needle off once while attempting an epidural.

Even when administered properly, epidurals and other treatments offered momentary relief. Some treatments lasted from five days to six weeks, she adds. Nothing worked long-term until the recent RFA.

The expert care has made life bearable, Vinceanne says, describing herself as a well-kept and sophisticated 73-year-0ld. She explains the back pain was difficult to bear emotionally. Despite dressing well and keeping her hair styled, the back pain took its toll before the recent ablation at SWSS. “I’m put-together, but I couldn’t walk upright, it just bothered me a lot,” she notes. “The ablation procedure gave me more than physical relief, it gave me psychological freedom.”

It’s no surprise that Vinceanne wants to spread the word about her experience with Radiofrequency Ablation at Southwest Spine & Sports. “I referred a friend to Dr. Wolff,” she says. “She thinks he walks on water.”


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