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How Does PRP Therapy for Knee Arthritis Work?

By: Our Medical Team | July 21, 2021

Knee arthritis is a common but serious condition that occurs when your natural cartilage wears down. This causes chronic pain or stiffness that can severely limit your daily routine. Symptoms impact your ability to perform and enjoy activities but can also restrict simple movements, like walking, kneeling, and climbing stairs. If this is the case, speak with Dr. Michael Wolff about the advantages of platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Platelet-rich plasma is an innovative procedure that works for individuals facing arthritis, joint conditions, sports injuries, and more. Advanced PRP therapy has helped countless men and women in Scottsdale, AZ reduce knee pain from arthritis. The great news is that treatment can be performed without invasive surgery or extended physical therapy sessions. Contact the professionals at Southwest Spine & Sports to schedule an assessment and learn more about PRP.

What is knee arthritis?

Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints. With knee arthritis, the cartilage gradually wears away, removing the natural cushion that makes walking, running, and jumping more comfortable. Patients experience discomfort and decreased range of motion in their knees, with some symptoms sometimes worsening after a period of inactivity. You may also have a feeling that your knee may “give out” at any moment.

How is knee arthritis treated?

Initial treatments for knee arthritis involve lifestyle modifications or physical therapy. Your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to ease your symptoms. When these fail to address the root of the problem, knee surgery is usually recommended. Unfortunately, knee surgery is not only invasive but also requires weeks or months in recovery. This is not convenient for active patients or individuals who lead busy lives.

Now there is a revolutionary option for treating knee arthritis and soft tissue injuries. PRP therapy in Scottsdale, AZ can reduce knee pain by using your body’s natural healing abilities instead of prescription medications or going under the knife.

What is PRP treatment like?

Platelet-rich plasma is a concentration of platelets that accelerate healing. When Southwest Spine & Sports recommends PRP therapy for a patient with knee arthritis, we begin with an assessment to ensure treatment is beneficial for you. Our staff takes a small sample of your blood under sterile conditions and then places the blood in a centrifuge, where the needed elements are separated out. Once the solution is fully prepared, PRP is injected into the affected tissue using ultrasound guidance.

PRP provides the following benefits in patients:

  • Safe: Treatment is considered safe and only causes temporary discomfort at the injection site

  • Effective: PRP has been used to treat sports injuries, torn tendons, arthritis-related discomfort, and more for years

  • Noninvasive: Platelet-rich plasma is far less invasive when compared to knee surgery

  • Low risk of adverse reactions: Since your own blood is used, there is little to no risk of getting a bad reaction to treatment

Reduce knee pain through PRP therapy

The results of PRP injections at Southwest Spine & Sports are long-term, with many people reporting a significant reduction in pain-related symptoms. If you want to discover how platelet-rich plasma will reduce your arthritis pain and inflammation in Scottsdale, AZ, speak with founder Dr. Michael Wolff or one of our other trained professionals. We can help you find relief.


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