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Can The Discseel® Procedure Relieve My Back Pain?

By: Our Medical Team | December 26, 2022

Our expert physicians at Southwest Spine & Sports are proud to treat many of the VIPs in Scottsdale, AZ, and we’re excited to help you too. We treat a number of musculoskeletal injuries, including the all-too-common back pain that plagues millions of individuals. The causes may be many, including injuries, repetitive strain, aging, or chronic and congenital conditions.

Yet, there’s one modern treatment that can yield remarkable results. Known as The Discseel® Procedure, it can allow you to enjoy back pain relief and take back your life. If that sounds wonderful, please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your options with Dr. Michael Wolff.

Can The Discseel® Procedure relieve my back pain?

Discseel procedure can dramatically reduce back pain and offer other advantages, including increased everyday comfort, and better mobility and function, with all the confidence that comes with winning back your daily freedom.

Pre-emptive treatment can be the most effective strategy, and our annulogram allows us to detect the smallest, most subtle disc tears so we can correct the issue before it leads to more degradation or a large herniation.

Better yet, since our patients visit from all around the world for this game-changing treatment, we’ve refined our technique. As a result, you benefit from four steps in a single visit, including the consultation, procedure, recovery, and return to your lifestyle.

How does The Discseel® Procedure work?

After your comprehensive consultation, where we’ll discuss your needs, expectations, and concerns, we’ll perform x-ray imaging to detect the tiniest tears in your discs. Once identified, we inject the discs with a mix of substances that will combine to form fibrin. Fibrin is a tough, fibrous protein that provides strength and durability to seal the discs and promote new tissue growth. The sealing and stimulation of healing will continue over the coming months, giving you more and more function while combating back pain.

Since the discs heal slowly, patients will experience different recovery times based on multiple criteria, including the specifics of their procedure and their overall health and lifestyle factors. Almost immediately after your Discseel® procedure, you’ll spend 30 minutes resting and recovering in our comfortably appointed office.

Patients may then experience various symptoms, including discomfort, and it’s recommended they use some form of assistance while walking the following day. Their results will continue improving across the months to come, and we suggest increasing daily activity as tolerated. Given the recovery rate of discs, many patients will enjoy significant improvements in daily living around 3 – 6 months after their procedure.

Relieve back pain with Discseel®

Despite its potentially life-changing benefits, Discseel® is a minimally invasive procedure. It’s also quick, requiring only about 40 minutes at an outpatient facility. And, with the potential for drastically reduced back pain and a return to your active lifestyle, the rewards are many. Additionally, with four visits in one, you won’t have to wait long to undergo a potentially transformative procedure.

To discover why so many people choose Southwest Spine & Sports, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Wolff.


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