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Can Regenerative Therapies Help With Pain?

By: Our Medical Team | November 30, 2021

Chronic pains are burdensome, as they can persist throughout the day and could harm your range of motion. You may become reliant on various medications to keep those pains under control, but those medicines can only go so far in resolving these pains and can produce undesirable side effects.

Innovative regenerative therapies are available to help resolve your chronic pain issues. These solutions can restore your muscles, joints, and nerves. You won’t require any replacement surgeries, plus you will become less dependent on pain medications following a treatment. If you are in chronic pain, Dr. Michael Wolff and the expert team at Southwest Spine & Sports in Scottsdale, AZ can help you find a therapy solution to bring you relief.

How do regenerative therapies work for the body?

Regenerative therapies often entail natural growth factors your body produces. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is one such solution to explore. With PRP therapy, the platelet-rich cells in your body are harvested and separated from the bone marrow to boost blood supply in the area.

Sugar alcohol injections may also be necessary for some patients. An injection can dehydrate the tissue, prompting the body to increase blood flow in the area. The added blood flow stimulates the body and encourages regeneration in the area.

Regenerative therapy is all about allowing the body to restore its natural functions. Many chronic pain conditions develop from the body being unable to receive enough blood flow to certain areas. Sometimes, the nerves might be damaged in the area, resulting in chronic pain. Regenerative therapies can help the body naturally recover, allowing you to live in comfort.

biologics therapy also works

Another regenerative solution for pain is biologics therapy, a procedure our team at Southwest Spine & Sports in Scottsdale, AZ provides for our patients in the Scottsdale area. biologics therapy involves gathering cells from your abdominal fat or bone marrow. The cells have enough growth factors that will trigger the body’s natural restorative processes.

The cells must be injected into the proper area to restore the body’s natural functions. The cells trigger regeneration in the impacted area. Healthy tissues will develop in the region, including new nerves and blood vessels. The effort is about improving how well the body can manage various activities.

What can regenerative therapy treat?

Cellular therapy is appropriate for many physical needs and can resolve joint pains, muscle and tissue tears, and disc-related issues, like degenerative disc conditions. All of these conditions can be uncomfortable and hard to manage, but a cellular therapy treatment will help you prevent all these pains and keep your body in motion.

Learn more about regenerative therapies in Scottsdale, AZ

Regenerative treatments are available in Scottsdale, AZ for your chronic pain needs. If you want to learn more about regenerative medicine, contact Dr. Michael Wolff and the team at Southwest Spine & Sports today to see if these therapies are right for you. We’ll review your treatment needs and find solutions so you can live a virtually pain-free life.


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