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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells can restore a healthy environment by stimulating cells and proteins to reduce inflammation and create new healthy tissue in an injured area of the body.

What are Mesenchymal Stem Cells? 

MSC’s are undifferentiated cells that are naturally available in your body. They have the capability to send out signals to growth factors and proteins that reduce inflammation and promote healing. They even stimulate your own innate stem cells and proliferate healthy cells to ultimately reduce pain, repair tissue, and improve function.

MSC’s represent an evolution in treating musculoskeletal injuries and neurological conditions. They are a breakthrough, non-surgical treatment option for individuals suffering from low back pain, joint pain, other soft tissue injuries, and neurological conditions. MSC’s have great potential to actually accelerate healing of injuries in a better, more complete way. 

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Injection therapy with stem cells is an increasingly popular, natural, and safe alternative to steroids and surgery. It has been producing excellent results for patients of all ages, from professional athletes to “weekend warriors” to people with degenerative conditions. Stem cells can be transferred with precision directly to the site of degeneration and injury under visual guidance (x-ray or ultrasound). This can be performed safely and effectively in our state of the art office and surgery center. 

How do Stem Cells work?

Stem cells function to aid in the healing and regeneration of an injury back to healthy tissue. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) can restore a healthy environment by releasing proteins and growth factors to signal your own cells and proteins to reduce inflammation and create new healthy tissue in an injured area. They increase blood flow, reduce inflammation to naturally stimulate and accelerate an injury to heal faster and fuller. They turn on your own innate stem cells, muscle, cartilage cells to regenerate. Ultimately creating healthier tissue or joints. Studies are demonstrating benefit with stem cell therapy for conditions including low back pain (degenerative disc disease, facet arthritis), joint pain (shoulder, knee, hip OA), soft tissue injuries (ligament/tendon and muscle tears), and autoimmune disorders.

  • Most common treated conditions

    Joint pain secondary to osteoarthritis (knee, shoulder, hip, facet joints)
  • Soft tissue injuries (muscle and tendon tears)
  • Low back pain caused by a painful disc with internal disc disruption (tears) and/or degenerative disc disease
  • They are also being used to treat some neurological and autoimmune conditions
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What are the sources of Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) used for treatment?

There are three known reliable sources of stem cells that can be used in treatment. Two sources are taken from your own body (autologous),  bone marrow (usually your hip bone), or adipose tissue (usually abdominal fat). The third reliable source of stem cells is derived from a source other than your own body (allogeneic) - a newborn’s umbilical cord tissue and blood donated from a healthy mother and baby. 

Autologous stem cells from bone marrow concentrate – Bone marrow-derived stem mesenchymal stem cells can be safely and easily taken from the hip bone and then concentrated through a specialized process performed on-site the same day. When handled and injected carefully and correctly, stem cells help set up a healthy environment and stimulate a regenerative process to create healthy tissue and repair injuries. 

Autologous stem cells from adipose tissue concentrate.  The center is currently using a novel autologous concentrating system from Lipogems – This system uses the patient’s own adipose tissue taken from superficial abdominal fat. It is concentrated at the bedside using mechanical methods (vs using chemicals like collagenase that the FDA has objected to using for safety issues). This helps to isolate and concentrate the useful stem cells and growth factors that are plentiful in adipose tissue. This is a same-day procedure can be performed in our state of the art surgery center. With the use of conscious sedation patients usually, experience only minimal discomfort. Adipose-derived stem cell and growth factors have proven to be very effective for treating painful OA in joints like the knee. 

Stem cells derived from a newborn's umbilical cord blood and tissue (Wharton’s jelly) have high concentrations of healthy young stem cells, and are a rich source of proteins, and growth factors. They have proven to be safe, effective and produce a profound effect in stimulating a healing and regenerative process for injuries and degenerative conditions.  This is a powerful option, given that the stem cells of a newborn are healthy, potent and plentiful. This product is donated from a healthy mother and child. It is tested several times to ensure they are safe for use (healthy and disease-free). There is essentially no chance of rejection or adverse reaction. Umbilical cord stem cells should not be confused with fetal stem cells - they do not have the ethical, legal or safety issues that are associated with fetal derived stem cells.


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