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What is The Discseel® Procedure?

Nothing else exists to repair spinal discs. Surgeons have attempted sutures or ligatures to repair discs without success. biologics therapy and PRP fail to reliably help because they leak from damaged discs. Often people suffering from degenerative disc disease are plagued with back pain from one or more torn discs, which inflame nerves within the discs as well as the adjacent spinal nerve causing back pain and leg pain or neck and arm pain. When a disc leaks over time, it can lose hydration and become degenerated. The Discseel® Procedure uses a Fibrin biologic to repair the damaged, torn discs, allowing an individual's body to replace the damaged cells with new cells. Essentially, the goal of The Discseel® Procedure is for the Fibrin biologic to seal and instigate healthy, new disc tissue growth where the tissue is torn, to stop the disc from leaking and no longer inflaming the nerves. Studies affirm that Fibrin seals discs returning them to normal mechanical strength. Fibrin sealant can allow biologics therapy and growth factors to stay and help a disc that would otherwise leak.

Learn more about the innovative Discseel® Procedure by contacting Southwest Spine & Sports in Scottsdale, AZ, to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Michael Wolff.

Who is a candidate for The Discseel® Procedure?

Here at Southwest Spine & Sports, we have a range of patients who inquire about The Discseel® spine Procedure. This minimally-invasive, non-surgical procedure is ideal for individuals who suffer from chronic low back pain. We often recommend that our patients try other approaches for their low back pain first, such as physical therapy or other options, which we can discuss in your consultation appointment. Ideal candidates for Discseel® have annular tears, which can develop into thinning discs, herniated discs, bulging discs, or other issues with your spinal cord which manifest as lower back pain. If your pain persists, or you have a known annular tear that has resisted prior treatment, then Discseel® might be an ideal treatment route for you.

What are the benefits of The Discseel® Procedure?

The Discseel® Procedure has many benefits, including:

  • Repairing damaged/torn discs
  • Replacing lost cells with new cells
  • Relieving lower back and neck pain
  • Results through a minimally invasive treatment
  • Simple and quick recovery times

The Four Steps of The Discseel® Procedure

  • Consultation: After you submit your application, Dr. Wolff will sit down with you for a one on one consultation to review your options.
  • Annulogram: After your consultation and just before The Discseel® Procedure, Dr. Wolff will perform an annulogram to get a detailed image of your torn disc.
  • The Discseel® Procedure: During the procedure, Dr. Wolff will inject your damaged disc with the biologic Fibrin, repairing the tears in your spinal discs. In less than 90 minutes, your procedure will be done.
  • Recovery: The recovery process is simple and fast. After The Discseel® Procedure, most patients are walking in the next 24 hours.

What are biologics?
Biologics are a new class of revolutionary medicines that are created from living cells and naturally-occurring proteins. They can be used in a wide variety of treatments, from cancer medicine to spinal disc degeneration.
Why is fibrin preferable to other biologics, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), for treating disc and back pain?
PRP therapies may be a viable option for patients to alleviate back pain. However, the fibrin used as the most important aspect of the Discseel Procedure is highly purified and optimized to treat degenerative or damaged discs. The fibrin encourages tissue growth and repair in the disc, helping seal the disc and potentially eliminating pain. Additionally, the Discseel Procedure is designed to only be performed once, compared to other biologics that may require repeated treatment sessions.
How many Discseel treatments will I need?
Most patients typically only need one treatment to see great results; however, a small amount may need a second treatment. During your consultation at Southwest Spine & Sports, Dr. Wolff will examine your current health and medical history to create the right treatment plan for you.
Does Discseel work for back pain?
With patients who had a previous failed spinal procedure, data suggest that 70% of them experienced reduced back pain and improved quality of life.
Is the Discseel Procedure covered by insurance?
Unfortunately, the Discseel Procedure is not covered by insurance. However, Southwest Spine and Sports offers a financing option that we can discuss in more detail during your private consultation.

How was The Discseel® Procedure Created?

Created by Dr. Kevin Pauza, The Discseel® Procedure is used to repair damaged spinal discs with the use of FDA-approved Fibrin, a 100% natural biologic. Spine surgery, including spinal fusions, can't repair damaged discs. Initially used in trauma for facial reconstruction, Dr. Pauza next developed The Discseel® Procedure, which uses Fibrin in an "off-label" manner to repair spinal discs. Currently, the FDA allows the use of FDA-approved Fibrin in an off-label manner in the disc since no other treatment like it exists. The FDA declared that Fibrin is safe and effective in other indications.

How does The Discseel® Procedure work?

Hear what patients from far and wide have to say about The Discseel® Procedure. These are all complex spine cases from around the world, which have failed to benefit from multiple procedures, and even multiple surgeries are done elsewhere.

The Discseel® Procedure vs Spinal Fusion

For decades, physicians have been recommending spinal fusions to patients, only for them to fail. These life-altering procedures have led to some of the highest percentages of surgical failures and opioid dependency among surgical patients. So the real question is: why are doctors not recommending a procedure that has greater success? It's simple, an average spinal fusion patient is worth between $250,000 and $750,000 in insurance payouts over the patient's lifetime. It was the high failure that leads to the creation of The Discseel® Procedure. So how do the two procedures compare to each other? Here are some facts:

  • In over 40% of patients that receive a spinal fusion, the fusion does not address the long-term source of the pain.
  • At least 1/3 of all spinal fusion patients need a second or third fusion of their spine within 10 years.
  • The Discseel® Procedure has been successful in permanently relieving back pain in 70% of patients that had a previous failed spinal procedure, such as a spinal fusion.

What happens after a Discseel® Procedure?

In contrast to other spine treatment options, The Discseel® Procedure at Southwest Spine and Sports is a fully outpatient procedure. In normal circumstances, patients can expect to be mobile and walking within 24 hours of the procedure. Of course, your spine and targeted disc will take longer to heal. Most individuals in Scottsdale, AZ experience healing over the course of 12 months as their spine heals and regenerates healthy tissue. Consult with your provider to determine appropriate amounts of activity at various stages in the healing process.

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As the only treatment of its kind, The Discseel® Procedure can effectively treat damaged spinal discs. Dr. Wolff and his team at Southwest Spine & Sports are proud to offer this innovative procedure for our Scottsdale, AZ patients. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your consultation.

Learn more about The Discseel® Procedure with this informative brochure.

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This information is for educational purposes only. Biologic therapy has not yet been approved by the FDA therefore classifying this treatment as off-label and no guarantees can be made regarding outcomes. Individual results may vary as each person responds differently based on the location and severity of their injury.

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I couldn’t be happier with the decision to have the discseel procedure. It has changed my ability to be and maintain an active lifestyle. More importantly, I have been able to maintain the necessary physical requirements for my job. Since the procedure, I completed my first full marathon. I participated in the Batton Death March carrying a 15-pound pack in 6 hours 17 minutes. I also completed my annual pack test for wildland response which requires me to carry a 45-pound pack for 3 miles. I completed that test in 40 minutes. In both cases, I was completely pain free from what had become normal back pain, numbness, tingling, and sleepless nights because of those symptoms. As a 62 y/o male, being able to run again and be physically active without pain has improved my mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. A big Thank you to Dr. Wolff and his staff.

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