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5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: Office Visit Dec 14 2022

"I couldn’t be happier with the decision to have the discseel procedure. It has changed my ability to be and maintain an active lifestyle. More importantly, I have been able to maintain the necessary physical requirements for my job. Since the procedure, I completed my first full marathon. I participated in the Batton Death March carrying a 15-pound pack in 6 hours 17 minutes. I also completed my annual pack test for wildland response which requires me to carry a 45-pound pack for 3 miles. I completed that test in 40 minutes. In both cases, I was completely pain free from what had become normal back pain, numbness, tingling, and sleepless nights because of those symptoms. As a 62 y/o male, being able to run again and be physically active without pain has improved my mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. A big Thank you to Dr. Wolff and his staff."

5.0 Review from P.S. Source: Office Visit Dec 13 2022

"I would like to take a moment to thank Dr. Wolff and the entire team for the amazing results that I have experienced after receiving a stem cell treatment in December 2022. Prior to the treatment, I was unable to lift my left arm above my shoulder without pain and the knee was restricting normal daily activities. Along with these two issues I had tennis elbow in my right arm, general arthritis, stiffness in my hands and my left pinky finger has a detached tendon that created daily discomfort. Just good old fashion wear and tear at 59 years old from 38 years in the construction business. My progression of results found within two days post treatment the stiffness in my hands and feet disappeared. By early January, I was hiking Lone Mountain again with no discomfort in the right knee. In roughly 5 more days all stiffness was gone. Six weeks later I attended my first yoga class in 4 months with full strength back in my knee. My left shoulder took a bit longer but I am now back in the gym training with weights again being careful of course. I can now fully extend my left arm above my head with no pain and support my own weight while performing yoga. That's a big deal. For my pinky finger there is absolutely no pain while gripping heavy objects. All of this is just short of miraculous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and professionalism"
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